Youth & Young Adults

1. a formal meeting held for the discussion of a subject, during which individual speakers may make presentations

2. a published collection of opinions or writings on a subject, often in a periodical

Podcast of the February 26, 2014  180° Symposium


Podcast of the June 11, 2013   180° Symposium


Podcast of the April 2, 2013   180° Symposium


Podcast of the March 4, 2013   180° Symposium




To empower Collegiate and Young Adult leadership at all levels of church organization in the Oregon Conference


To provide a place where Collegiates and Young Adults can be heard and have a voice in influencing leaders at all levels to help inspire the churches of the Oregon Conference


To help church leaders better understand the current Collegiate and Young Adult culture and to:

[ discover fresh ways to present the gospel in relevant ways with this generation

[ strategize fresh ways to "do" church in relevant ways with this generation

Who is 180° Symposium?

A gathering where:

[ Collegiates and Young Adults can have a voice, be heard, supported and encouraged

[ Church Leaders, Pastors, Departmental Directors, Conference Administrators can learn

What is 180° Symposium?

A forum for addressing the spiritual needs and cultural issues relevant to Collegiates and Young Adults

Why 180° Symposium?

[ Because 70% of college students are studying on secular non-Adventit campuses and feel a disconnect from their home church

[ Because 30% who study on Adventist campuses are away from their home churches most of the year and feel a disconnect from their home church

[ Because age 23 is when the majority of Adventist young adults leave their church

[ Because church leaders want to understand Colelgiates' and Young Adults' perspectives and cultural issues

[ Because Collegiates and Young Adults need a place to be heard and be given opportunities for leadership roles

When and where is 180° Symposium?

Quarterly forums are held around the Oregon Conference where there is interest.

How is 180° Symposium supported?

Facilitated and financed by Oregon Conference Youth Ministries and Conference Administration

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