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She called and said “I want to be baptized!”  “Do you know what baptism is about?” I asked.  “Yeah, I have had baptismal classes for the last 5 years.”  “But you’re only 13 years old!”  “I know and I want to be baptized at Big Lake this summer because that is where I have experienced God the most over the year”.

Mom made arrangements with Big Lake, and we planned to get together to review the baptismal vows.

Arriving at her house Mom answered the door along with Older Brother.  I was informed that She was on her way home from school and would be there in a few minutes.  Mom’s Boyfriend was there and we met.  As Mom and I sat down around the table she asked, “What do you think about rebaptism? Is it ever appropriate?”  I answered with a “yes,” and mentioned that that there are indications in the Bible for the experience of rebaptism.  At that, our conversation was interrupted as She arrived from school.

She joined us at the table and we started discussing the baptismal vows and the significance of each one.  As we talked Boyfriend sat on the couch behind Mom with his eyes fixed on me and listening very carefully to each word.  Older Brother sat in a recliner in the living room with the TV on attempting to do his homework.  By the time we got to vow number 2 Brother couldn’t keep quiet and asked what I thought about the church and its apparent secular drift.  I told him that I would love to talk to him about God but it would need to be at a different time.  He agreed and decided that he needed to go to his bedroom so he could get his homework done.  With that, he picked up his books and departed.

We continued discussing each vow until we completed all 13 of them.  Then we practiced the act of baptizing and how She would position her feet and grab my arm and how I would hold her shoulder and as She bent at the knees I would lay her backwards under the water.  We decided on what She would wear for the baptism, and how the reception would follow with the signing of the baptismal certificate.

We discussed the baptism program: who would have the opening prayer, if She wanted to give a testimony about why She has chosen to be baptized, what songs she wanted played, and the significance of the prayer for the Holy Spirit after she comes up out of the water.

As we were concluding our time I asked if we could pray together.  The boyfriend jumped up from the couch and stepped to the table. He reached out and grabbed mom’s hand.  She grabbed his, and her and mom reached out for mine.  I prayed for a blessing on her and her family asking God to help with all the details of the baptism and make it a blessing for all who come.

Walking toward the door the brother came out of his bedroom.  I asked him, “So when are we going to get together to talk about God?”  He said, with a big grin, “Whenever you want!”  I told him that I would clear my agenda to come and meet with him.  “Getting together with you is the most important thing I could do – come and talk about God and the church with you!”  Surprised, he said to me,”You’d do that for me!”  “You better believe it!” I said to him.  “After your sister’s baptism this Sabbath lets figure out a time when it fits around your school schedule for us to get together and talk about God.”  “Yeah that will be great!” he said.

With that I went out the door, got in my truck, and drove home contemplating all the way what the Lord had just accomplished and the opportunities He created for me to participate in His work of calling young people and their families to Him. 

Keep looking for, and creating opportunities to help young people hear, sense, and feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit drawing them to Jesus.  Pray. Pray, Pray that you stay in the center of what He is doing.

PT - September 1, 2010